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My Second Book Signing!!!

My second book signing was amazing.  I barely have words to describe the experience, but I will try my best.  Let’s start off by saying that this time, I was on time!  Oh yeah!

My husband dropped me off and had to go to work because they called him in on his day off.  So, I was on my own for the first couple hours.  It is always slow in the morning when you first get to the Veteran’s hospital for vendors because everyone is trying to get to work on time.  It’s usually during lunch, which was around the same time my hubby made it back, when people make their way to the kiosks.  I was so glad he was able to come so I could go to the bathroom and get coffee without worrying about my stuff just sitting there in the atrium.  He is a big help when it comes to my book signings.

I was blessed once again to talk to numerous disabled veterans.  One of which was the Veteran I talked about in my last post, John.  He looked so much better!  He truly blessed me with his presence.  I thought I was going to cry when I saw him.  He was dressed so nicely and was getting ready to get his 20-30 stitches out of his arm and get measured for prosthetic legs.  He had a smile on his face and talked to me about how my book was touching him and how it was changing his life.  I assured him it was God, and thanked God for everything.  He, I must say, was definitely the highlight of my day.  I hope I get to see him the next time I go there.

The next thing I will share with you is when several people asked me how I got my book published.  They explained how they felt God moving them to do something with their writing but didn’t know how to go about starting up something.  I told them what I did and gave them the information to CreateSpace where you can publish for free and I got these looks like they had tears in their eyes and they couldn’t believe what they were hearing…for free?  Yes, I explained to them that they would have to, of course, purchase books to sell after publishing, but we both knew that God had brought us together for a purpose.  When you meet someone, whether it be someone new or someone you’ve known for a while, God always has an agenda behind the meeting.  It is wonderful to be a witness to His agenda.

One guy who was there polishing shoes came to me and was inspired by what I was doing, so inspired, that he went and got a few poems of his own to share with me.  Then he brought this beautiful work of art…which I wanted to buy so bad but he wasn’t selling at the time, just to share with me how God is using him.  It was truly amazing to see all the different people who came from different walks of life and how one simple thing as pain can bring you together for God’s glory.

The last experience is about a guy who was reminiscing about when he was a kid during World War 2.  He lived in southern Ireland and recalled hearing something falling from the sky.  He thought as a kid, that it was a car approaching because during that time, everyone would stop and look at the automobiles.  But what he actually heard was a bomb coming in his direction.  Thank God his older sister was there to take cover and the bomb barely missed the two of them.  He went on to tell us the whole story of what happened from there.  This, my friends…to have a veteran share with you such a personal story about their life is truly a work of God.  Only He (God) knows how long he was holding that in and needed to tell somebody about that.

Like I said in my last book signing post, I wish I could just give my books away for free, which I am really considering, at least at the VA hospitals.  And those experiences are the reasons why.

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New York Times #1 Best Seller…For Poetry?


Imagine going into a bookstore, choosing a book, opening it up, and discovering that YOU are the main character!  Truth-filled words will take ou to a whole different level of poetry.  Written by a former Marine and a current disabled veteran, Mentality Listens is truly one of a kind.  You will never find a book like this one.

Venus Angelica Perez grew up in Bensonhurst, New York.  to cope with her disabilities, she expresses her pain through different forms of artwork including photography, painting, and drawing.  Book one of her upcoming release, a Christian Mafia Trilogy series, will be available in 2012.  For more information on the author, please visit her main website at

You can purchase this book by CLICKING HERE to order it from CreateSpace where she will receive the majority of royalties from your purchase, or, for a more convenient route, purchase by CLICKING HERE to order it from  The First Edition is still available at this time.  The Second Edition, to include a new poem added due to her sister’s surgery, will be available on shortly.

It is NOT a New York Times #1 Best Seller, but purchase the book and see if it should be!

The poems below are excerpts.  Please enjoy the preview.


One Key Too Late…Part Three

As his wife slips into bed,
He rushes to the shed.
And falls on his great knees.

“Oh Lord that awful look!
With it my heart she cooked.
What if she finally leaves?”

“Jesus, I understand!
Please help me be the man
You created me to be.”

“I’m tired of this mess.
Evil desires come with stress.
Please God, I’m ready, please!”

“Please forbid the Devil’s schemes.”

To be continued…

The last part of this poem is featured in Venus’ new book, Mentality Listens.  CLICK HERE to purchase from CreateSpace or CLICK HERE to purchase from


One Key Too Late…Part Two

“Please put the kids to bed.”

Don’t worry bout ‘ol Dad.

Why can’t I find those keys?


“Where are you going dear?”

The door is oh so near…

And so are these deep needs.


“I’m going to get bread.”

“Don’t wait up, ” I said

But she knows just what Bread means


He watched his wife look down

Then she slowly turned around

“They’re in your dirty jeans.”


Is she talking ’bout my keys?


To be continued…


One Key Too Late…

Torn between the two

Don’t know what to do

Can someone help me please


I’ve done this for so long

So, why can this be wrong

I’ve fallen to my knees


Calculating tears

Adding up the years

Summing up the fees


I think the time has come

For me to just move on

Where did I put my keys?


I’ve got to find my keys.


To be continued…

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