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Experimenting with Acrylics

Ahhhh, the forgiving nature of oil painting.  It is so easy to correct your mistakes.  Just wipe all your worries away in seconds.  You can even go back days later and change your painting.  But with Acrylic painting, there is no room for error.  Acrylic paint dries within seconds to minutes depending on if you are using a medium.  This is my first time using Acrylics.  Come join me as I take this journey expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.

I saw a beautiful painting on a TV show and rather try to come up with something myself, I wanted to create a replica of what I saw.  It is definitely not an exact replica, but none the less, I cannot, nor will not take all the credit for this painting.  I knew nothing about acrylics.  So, I purchased a canvas and started from there.

I painted the canvas white because it was a very cheap canvas and I didn’t have any gesso.  Then I changed my mind and painted it pink.  I then painted an outline.  I started a basic outline and experimented with the colors I had.  In the beginning, I only had a few colors.  Like I said, this was purely an experiment.  So, I didn’t go all out and purchase $200.00 worth of supplies right away because I didn’t know what to expect.  These were different paints, different brushes, different timing!  I started out with what i had which was basically left overs from my oil kit (Bob Ross Kit).  The only thing I actually purchased was the canvas, two brushes, and a few different color paints.  I ended up mixing the paints I had to make new colors.  I purchased two more Acrylic brushes, one big one, and one small one, every two weeks (I’ll explain later about each brush I have and the number and maker of the brush and it’s use).

The following is a list of the steps I took for my very first Acrylic Painting:

Tune in later for Part Two of “Experimenting With Acrylics”

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