In A World Where Art Screams…Mentality Listens


It’s been two weeks since my very first book signing! And let me tell you something…I couldn’t have asked for anything more! It was such a good experience for me that I have decided to go back next week. Why…well let’s start out by telling you what exactly took place.

It was the morning of April 27th. My flyer said 8:30 AM but that was actually the time we were stuck in traffic. I was lucky enough to have my husband with me. He helped out a lot. He carried my big poster boards, the camera (which I wasn’t allowed to use, but we didn’t know that), and the books. I remember that that day was one of my “so so” days as far as pain went. I brought extra medicine just in case because I knew that I was going to be sitting down for most of the time I was there. Or so I thought.

I was told that my book signing would be in the cafeteria at the Washington DC Veteran’s Medical Center. They said the Atrium, where everyone sells their items, was booked up for the rest of the year. I was so delighted to be doing my first book signing that it didn’t make a difference whether I was in the Atrium or on the roof! LOL. I was on cloud 9.

When we got there, I went to the Canteen, which is the little shop they have there, to check in. When the lady started saying she was going to walk us upstairs, I told her that I thought we were going into the cafeteria. She asked me if I was told I had to pay a percentage of my earnings. I said yes. She said that in that case, we were off to the atrium. I was thinking, THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Just that small change and I thought, “It can’t get any better than this.” Boy was I wrong.

I did have to stand a lot even though I was provided with a couple chairs because I am so short and the kiosk that I was using was tall compared to me. I looked like a little kid behind this big stand…Lol. But it didn’t matter, I was so thankful to be provided with everything I needed for this day.

Almost every person that came to the kiosk shared a five to ten minute conversation with me about their struggle with pain in their lives. One disabled veteran, who was in a wheelchair, with no legs and just had surgery on his arm, bought a copy of my book and started reading it right in front of me. After about two minutes of reading, he started crying! I was like, WHAT! I didn’t know what to do! It touched me so hard, like a slap in the face from God as if He was saying, Wake up and see what it’s all about! We talked to him for the rest of the day, on and off. I had the same experience with so many people there, but without the crying, some watery eyes, and was so surprised to see that the words I wrote could have such an impact on people! That’s when I truly knew that it wasn’t my words, or the book, but God talking to them on a totally personal level.

To say the least, it was the most touching moment in my life, well, next to my wedding day of course…Lol. It was a beautiful day and I would do it all over again if someone told me I wouldn’t sell any copies.


Comments on: "Results from my very first Book Signing!!!" (2)

  1. great story, I am glad your worked has touched at least one person deeply, that is rare in itself

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