In A World Where Art Screams…Mentality Listens

Why do you want me?

Why do you care?

Why do you listen?

When no one else is there?


You help me when I need help

You hear me when I cry

You heal me when I am sick

Despite of everything, why?


Despite of my attitude

Despite of my sins

Despite of my anger

Your love always wins


What is this thing

What is this change

Is something happening

I feel something strange


I no longer want

to do what I did

I no longer yearn

for things as a kid


My body is conforming

but no longer to this world

My mind is transforming

My flesh slowly curled


Curled up like a kitten

So tempting to pet

But it’s not I alone

that occupies this bed


For God sealed me well

embedded with His mark

I tried to run away

But you can never get far enough


For when he sees use in you

He will face you with a truth

so beautiful and hurtful

oh why did He choose you?


Why did you choose me Lord?

What can you see?

What is blocking my view

What can it be?


To Be Continued…


The last part of this poem is featured in Venus’ new book, Mentality Listens.  CLICK HERE to purchase from CreateSpace or CLICK HERE to purchase from


Comments on: "Despite" (2)

  1. are these poems yours or do you search for them….. not to say you they cant be yours, just wondering.

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